Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Springville Rotary Club Lends a Hand in Guatemala.

Several Springville Rotarian's recently traveled to the Village of San Pedro, Peten, Guatemala. While there the club members accomplished several goals that had been set before the trip.

1. A playground was purchased and built for the village children. The men of the village were eager to help and soon were leading the build.

2. Each child in the village must pay $15 a month to attend school. Because of this many are unable to attend. To give more children the chance to learn, scholarships were established to allow over twenty children to have access to education. Scholarships for some university students were also put in place.

3. Clothing, school supplies, and some hygiene products were also distributed to hundreds of children and mothers from the village at an event that was prepared in the upper village with games and activities for the local children.

4. The group also met with the Peten Rotary Club to lay ground work for Future Vision projects we can partner on. Some ideas that were small library for the village, morning meal programs for the school children, etc.

Bob Perry, a member of the Springville Rotary, met Moya while on a Rotary trip Guatemala. Bob was there to drill water wells for villages that didn't have clean running water. Moya had been a Rotarian in Guatemala for a number of years. In fact, Moya was named Rotarian of the year in Guatemala in 2010. Bob and Moya quickly developed a friendship. They also developed shared goals for humanitarian work in Guatemala. Bob and Moya's story about the need for aid in Guatemala was so compelling that the Springville Rotary decided to get involved.

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