Monday, May 21, 2018

Utah Rotary loses a great Rotarian way too soon

Russ Perry came running up to me like an eager little boy a number of years ago, after my District Grants presentation at PETS. His exuberance and energy was uncharacteristic for the event, but it actually was characteristic of Russ. At the end of that first meeting he declared, "we are going to be great friends!" and that's exactly what happened.

Over my years of friendship with Rusty, I heard many stories of his Rotary escapades, the money he raised for one cause or another, the grants he wanted to participate in, his clubs' many projects. He used to hike dictionaries to the Indians at the bottom of the Grand Canyon as part of the Vernal dictionary project. He always took things to the next level, going way beyond what most of us ever consider to serve more and better.

He was that way with peace, and as a member of the District's Peace Committee, he took the initiative to travel to a number of Rotary Clubs, promoting Peace as an Area of Focus in Rotary and Peace Ambassadorial Scholarships. He was a key decision maker in the commitment by the District to move forward in sponsoring the Columbia Peace Initiative Global Grant, and actually assisted in raising money towards it despite his own personal difficulties this past month. His biggest passion in the world was peace through helping people. He was a man of strong conviction and dedication to his family, his friends, his Rotary family and he will be missed. 

When Governor Bev asked me to write this article, I wasn't sure if I was the appropriate one to write it. There are many people who knew him longer and better than I. Yet I also realize as I have spoken with many of you this week, that we all had the same love for Russ, and that the one thing I could do, was mirror that love back to you.

Love and light,

Kris Swanson

District Grants Chair
Rotary District 5420

Provo Rotary Club turns 100 & elects first woman president

Provo Rotary Club will celebrate two milestones this coming year. First, it will mark 100 years since the club was organized in August, 1919, with W.F. Bulkley, an Episcopal archdeacon, as president.

The second milestone is its first woman president, Ruth Riley. She lives in Spanish Fork but works as vice-president of investments at Wells Fargo Advisors in Provo. She and fellow Provo Rotarian Steve Tolley are planning events to celebrate the Provo club’s centennial.

Riley has actively promoted service in the Provo Rotary Club. She and fellow Rotarian Linda Pemberton have for the past three years organized a popular project involving many local Rotarians and their families, United Way officials, and local residents in planting raised-bed gardens and repairing storage units at Franklin Community Center. Canteen Committee Chair Vaughan Park brings the club’s rolling kitchen and serves hotdogs, chips, and drinks to all participants.

Provo Foundation Chair Tom Powell each year secures a district grant to help with the Provo club’s annual dictionary project. They apply Rotary stickers to the dictionaries and deliver them to every fourth-grader in Provo School District.

Riley says that “Service is what Rotary is all about.”

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friendship Exchange to Argentina

What:  A wonderful and friendly exchange with the warm-hearted and very gracious Rotarians of Northwestern Argentina.  The group will visit a select group of sites in that beautiful part of Argentina.

When:  The Outbound contingent of Rotarians from Utah to Argentina will take place in the February - March, 2019 time frame.  That is a great time to visit during the early Autumn.  

Why:  Friendship Exchanges have been called the ¨best part of Rotary¨ and the ¨best kept secret¨.  They give the participants a rich taste of the visited culture and form the beginnings of firm and lasting friendships.  Additionally, the exchanges give us a chance to form partnerships for future humanitarian projects.  

Who:  The inbound and outbound groups will consist of 10 - 12 Rotarians and partners.  While not required, speaking/understanding some Spanish will make the adventure more of an exchange of ideas and culture.  

Cost:  The total cost of the trip will be the responsibility of the participants.  A recent check of airfare to Buenos Aires showed RT fares at $1,800 - $2,600.  We can probably do better but that will give you an idea of what to expect.  It would be good to expect the cost per person to be about $3,000 - $3,500 for the trip.  

Contact:  If interested please contact Fred Berthrong at 435-760-2734 or

What follows is some information from our Argentinean coordinator, Ana Cáceres.
As you know, our district embraces many provinces (states) in Argentina: Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan. The latter are called REGION DE CUYO. And the other provinces are: Santiago del Estero, the place where I live, Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy and the city of Santa Marita in the province of Catamarca. These later ones belong to the Northern part of my country. As you can read, a vast territory to travel and to visit a range of different landscapes and idiosyncrasies.

All in all, my district group 8 (eight) provinces of my Argentina. There are almost 81 clubs with about 1100 Rotary members.

We have been talking and our suggestion could be many. The first one is to receive the American team in February or March, 2019. The district would offer accommodation and transportation in some parts of the district, from some cities to the nearest ones.

To my knowledge, a rough schedule of the visit can be as follow: 


San Juan

San Luis


Santiago del Estero




and its most important attractions..
The hills of the seven colours.

You can start your visit to our district in Mendoza or vice versa, in Jujuy. They can travel along the district by coach. You need't visit the whole district. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Japan Friendship Exchange March 9-18, 2019

Join Gov. Scott Leckman, PDG Dean & Marlys Jackson to Japan in March 2019.

$4,950 per person* 15 people Max.
Cost per person includes hotels, in country transportation, tour admissions, breakfasts
and limited meals
Flight to and from Japan is an additional cost.

Please note that we will fly into Narita Airport on March 10th which means you will fly
out of Salt Lake City on March 9th. We will then fly out of Osaka Kansai Airport on
March 18th.

3/9 Sat: From Salt Lake City to Japan.
3/10 Sun: Arrived, gathered at a hotel in Narita.
3/11 Mon:  Tour Narita Temple and Big Buddha.
Exchange meeting with the 2820 district. (Ibaraki Prefecture)
3/12 Tues: Sightseeing Aizuwakamatsu.
Exchange meeting with Yonezawa club.
3/13 Wed: Meeting of Sagae Club. (Suzuki Governor's club)
Sightseeing in Shogi and brewery in Tendo.
Exchange meeting with Sagae and Tendo Club members.
3/14 Thurs:
AM : From Yamagata to Osaka. (Flight)
PM : To sightseeing in Nara.
3/15 Fri: To sightseeing in Kyoto.
3/16 Sat
AM : To Sagano and Arashiyama sightseeing.
PM : From Kyoto to Osaka.
3/17 Sun
AM : Tour of Osaka Castle.
PM : Sumo Tournament
3/18 Mon: From Osaka to Salt Lake City, arrived, to your home.

For Further Information:
Contact PDG Dean L. Jackson 801-318-6741