Thursday, January 25, 2018

2018 Membership Report - State of our District

During the first half of the Rotary year, District 5420 was showing positive growth being up 16 members through November.  Those numbers soon dropped as the Clubs cleaned up their membership rosters and dropped those members that have stopped participating in Rotary.  This semi-annual cleanout, each December and June, results in large drops in membership (we are minus 18 in the District as of January 10th, 2018).

So, what can we do minimize the semi-annual drops in membership?  The key to growing your Rotary Club is adding new members but more importantly keeping the members you already have. As our Zone website indicates:

“Rotarians actually do a great job of recruiting new members each year. The challenge clubs have is retaining members. Statistical data indicates that approximately 50% of new members leave Rotary within the first 12 months of their membership in the service organization. This is an indictment on the way in which we recruit and teach our new members about one of the most significant service organizations in the world.”

The Retention problem (really the lack of Member Satisfaction) is about how we manage member expectations and experiences.  The Rotary “We Care” program (A Guide for Building Strong, Effective and Fun Rotary Clubs for the New Millennium) states the following:

“One of our greatest challenges in Rotary is to better understand what type of expectations new members of Rotary have.  We need to take time and analyze what attracts new members and what will keep them in Rotary.  One of the foremost needs of new members is a strong desire to feel that they are spending their time wisely.  If they feel someone is wasting their time they have a tendency to avoid or eliminate whatever they feel is causing it.  New members need to be able to see immediate productivity.  They challenge us on a daily basis to teach them about Rotary at a quicker pace.  We must prove to them that Rotary is an organization that they should be part of.  Too many times we do not take the proper amount of time to reach out and help new members become part of Rotary.  New members must be educated quickly so they feel that they are part of the organization.  The question is, are our Rotary Clubs attractive, interesting, and do they give all individuals a feeling of accomplishment?  We all need to review our club’s attitude, environment, posture and direction. This will help to ensure that we meet the need of the new Rotarian of the 21st century.  During this process we must never lose focus of our duty and goals of being Rotarians. Most importantly, we must never compromise our beliefs.  Instead, we must modify our goals and expectations to be realistic and give our members the ability to reach the goals.  Our members must have the opportunity to feel they have accomplished something special and important.  Consistent direction and understanding are the keys to a successful club!”

Please take steps to ensure that your existing members are having their expectations met and that they are having a positive Rotary experience.  Consider how you conduct New Member Orientation, look at updating your Club Membership Plan, or conducting a Rotary Club Health Check.  Additional membership resources can be found at the following web sites:

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Consul General for Mexico in Utah receives widespread welcome from Rotary Clubs

Utah's new Consul General for Mexico José Borjón met with our District Governor Bev Christy to reach out to clubs in an effort to increase Hispanic membership in Rotary, connect the Consulate with local organizations, and to help Rotarians better understand and forward the cause of Hispanic issues in their community. 

The result is the following calendar dates. See if you can attend one of these multi-club hosted events. Other clubs are planning future events:

Wednesday, January 17 luncheon, Cottonwood Country Club. Hispano-Latino Club of Salt Lake (Glendale) & Hispano Latinos Club of Salt Lake - South, West Jordan Club, Salt Lake Club invite members and all Hispanic professionals outside of Rotary to join this event. 

Monday, February 5 at the Abbey Inn in St. George. St. George, Dixie Sunrise, Red Rock, Hurricane Valley, Zion Canyon & Kanab Rotary Clubs host an All Clubs Lunch with Consul Borjon.

Wednesday, February 7, 11am, venue TBA dependent on RSVPs. Richfield Rotary & Six County Association of Governments hosts Utah’s new Consulate from Mexico RSVP by January 23, Amy Rosquist 435-893-0720

Thursday, February 8, 6-8pm, Jim Santy Auditorium. Park City Rotary & Park City Sunrise club will jointly present a discussion with Consul Borjón, open to the public.
Cedar City, Ogden, Vernal Clubs, as well as Utah County clubs, Moab, Monticello, Bluff, Brigham City, Logan, and Davis County Clubs are in the planning stages.

190,000 Hispanics live in the Salt Lake Valley. That’s almost 18% of the population!  How many Hispanics are in your club?

Here is a biography of Consul General José Borjón: 
As of June 16, he is the Head Consul of Mexico in Salt Lake City, Utah and responsible for western Wyoming.

From August 2016 to June 2017, he was Deputy Director General of Ceremonial in the Protocol Direction General, where he contributed to the institutional events offered by the Presidency Republic to Foreign dignitaries during State, Government, Working and Multilateral meetings in Mexico, among other responsibilities.

From July 2014 to August 2016, he was Deputy Director General for the Southern Border in the Direction General of Latin America and the Caribbean, where he was responsible for the follow-up of the bilateral political and migratory agenda with Guatemala and Belize. Previously, (August 2013 to July 2014), he worked as an Advisor for the Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean specializing in Central American issues.

He served in the Mexican Embassy in the United States (September 2008-August 2013) and was in charge of the Office of Hispanic Affairs, liaising with Latino national organizations and developing projects to support the integration of Mexican communities.

He has been Consul for Community Affairs in the General Consulate of Mexico in Houston (2004-2008), and attaché for Culture and Scientific Cooperation at the Embassy of Mexico in Korea (1999-2004).

He holds a degree in International Relations from UNAM; a Master's Degree in Diplomatic Studies from the Diplomatic Academy of Mexico and an M.A. in European Studies from the Ortega y Gasset Institute in Spain. He has attended various graduate courses in public administration, strategic scenarios; Border administration at COLEF; ITAM and UDLA-Puebla. His most recent publication is "Opportunities for Linking with Mexican Youth in the United States", in the Mexican Journal of Foreign Policy, May-August 2016, Matías Romero Institute-Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Rotary International Council on Resolution Results

To request the RI Board to consider recommending that each club have a strategic planning committee
AdoptedYes: 295No: 195

To request the RI Board to consider recommending that all club meetings begin with The Four-Way Test
RejectedYes: 167No: 320

To request the RI Board to consider requiring a minimum of 20 members in each club
RejectedYes: 103No: 388

To request the RI Board to consider retaining original membership information for returning members
AdoptedYes: 331No: 152

To request the RI Board to consider that terminated clubs secure endorsement from the district
AdoptedYes: 317No: 166

To request the RI Board to consider researching the impact of club flexibility AdoptedYes: 341No: 146

To request the RI Board to consider releasing information on the pilot programs AdoptedYes: 396No: 93

To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to a future Council to create regional Rotary club constitutions
RejectedYes: 94No: 388

To request the RI Board to consider establishing a regional decision-making body in Japan
RejectedYes: 64No: 411
To request the RI Board to consider reaffirming the Object of Rotary AdoptedYes: 280No: 204

To request the RI Board to consider adding a fifth part to The Four-Way Test RejectedYes: 70No: 415

To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to a future Council adding core values and mission of Rotary
AdoptedYes: 250No: 235

To request the RI Board to consider emphasizing the sequence of the five core values
RejectedYes: 224No: 264

To request the RI Board to consider clarifying the relationships between Rotary’s guiding principles
RejectedYes: 223No: 263

To request the RI Board to consider defining “service” RejectedYes: 208No: 275

To request the RI Board to consider supporting ecologically-sustainable initiatives
AdoptedYes: 279No: 208

To request the Trustees to consider adding sustainable development and environmental protection as an area of focusView detailed resolution (PDF)
AdoptedYes: 247No: 235

To request the RI Board to consider recognizing EarlyAct clubs
RejectedYes: 221No: 262

To request the RI Board to consider officially recognizing Rotary Kids RejectedYes: 200No: 281

To request the RI Board to consider raising the Rotaract age limit to 35 RejectedYes: 209No: 275

To request the RI Board to consider revising the Rotaract club certification form AdoptedYes: 281No: 194

To request the RI Board to consider designating a Magazine Month RejectedYes: 163No: 319

To request the Trustees to consider including a water project application template in the global grant application
AdoptedYes: 308No: 182

To request the Trustees to consider allowing arts and culture global grants RejectedYes: 172No: 312
To request the Trustees to consider securing a status report before sending club donationsV
RejectedYes: 226No: 258

To request the RI Board to consider restoring the Manual of Procedure white pages
RejectedYes: 234No: 249

To request the RI Board to consider amending the Recommended Club Bylaws to eliminate club fees
RejectedYes: 93No: 392

To request the RI Board to consider publishing a record of the deliberations of the CouncilV
RejectedYes: 230No: 258

To request the RI Board to consider disclosing its deliberative process on enactments that are referred to the RI Board
AdoptedYes: 284No: 196

To request the RI Board to consider sending the five-year financial forecast prior to the Council
AdoptedYes: 425No: 58

To request the RI Board to consider not increasing Rotary’s per capita dues at the 2019 Council
AdoptedYes: 300No: 189

To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to a future Council to provide for variable dues by country
RejectedYes: 143No: 343

To request the RI Board to consider basing future budgets on a scenario of reducing RI dues to US$50
RejectedYes: 135No: 349

To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to a future Council to decrease RI per capita dues for RotaractorsView detailed resolution (PDF)
RejectedYes: 235No: 251

To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to a future Council to revise the governance structure
RejectedYes: 232No: 241

To request the RI Board to consider adding editorial marks to updated versions of the Rotary Code of Policies 
AdoptedYes: 309No: 179

To request the RI Board to consider publishing the annual presidential theme in Hindi
AdoptedYes: 305No: 175

To request the RI Board to consider training Council representatives on how to use voting equipmentV
AdoptedYes: 340No: 144