Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Murray Rotarian Wynn Tate shared his lovely cabin with fellow Rotarians the end of September.  His cabin is in Sterling just south of Manti, Utah.  The cabin over looks Gunnison Reservoir, although there wasn't much water in the reservoir this fall!!  The weekend began with those interested in playing golf at the Palasades Golf Course midday!  The course is known for the most scenic golf hole in the Friday night was a BBQ out on a bluff over looking the reservoir!  All on Wynn's property!!  Murray Rotarian Tyson Soffe and his family took one of Wynn's paddleboats for a spin on the reservoir that evening!

The views and scenery were amazing Saturday morning breakfast was served at Wynn's before heading out on the ATVs!  Dressing warmly was a must for those higher elevations!  More beautiful scenery

One ATV didn't quite make it through the mud . . . and needed a little help!  And that ATV had none other than our own District Governor Jerry Summerhays on it! He quickly manuvered his balance in keeping his camera safe from the mud! DG Jerry was quoted as saying "This made the trip!"

Saturday night was another delicious meal for the hungry ATVers at the Tate's home/cabin! Some departed for home after dinner and others stayed until Sunday! A very memorable trip.

Once again, Murray Rotary lived up to it's motto:  Fun with a Purpose!

Monday, October 22, 2012


In August, a 15 passenger van was delivered to the Kings Kids Orphanage in Empalme, Mexico just in time before school started.  Prior to the van arriving, their bus hadn’t been repaired and the van they had was moments away from going to the junk yard!
We learned the orphanage needs two vans to operate.  Currently, they have 19 orphans, the house parents and their kids (which makes 16 more) so if everyone went to an event that would be transporting 35 people!  The orphanage only had one car seat and they have at least seven children who needed car seats.  Along with the van, Murray and Bountiful Clubs sent 7 car booster seats and 24 backpacks with school supplies inside the packs! 

Getting the van to Mexico was a joint effort with the Missions for Jesus International (MFJI) Team in Prescott, AZ.  Two team members drove up to SLC to take the van back to AZ.  Then Jenny and Jessy from the orphanage drove to Prescott to pick up the van!  What great team work of several organizations working together!!

We learned later the kids from the orphanage were thrilled to have their own car seats.  A counselor at the orphanage said she thought the kids would be squirming and complaining but in actuality it was like they had their own space!  Kids who live in group environments often feel like nothing is really theirs.  Something as simple as their own car seat makes them feel like they are an individual!  This small simple thing is HUGE in their development as individuals!  In September, the children were able to load up in the van in their “Mariachi” outfits and go to a school event, which is similar to our 4th of July!  Without the Murray and Bountiful Club’s support in the items they sent, the orphanage would not be able to afford their children to participate in these extra programs!

The Rotary District Foundation Committee awarded Murray Rotary $3200 towards the Empalme Rotary Club Project in Mexico.  The Murray and Bountiful Clubs are working together with the Empalme Rotary Club on a fire truck and ambulance for the tiny town in Mexico.  A Fire Truck was purchased in October at an auction for $5500.  Now we just need to equip it with hoses, axes and whatever else is needed on a fire truck!  Murray Rotarian Jim Charnholm is coordinating with local fire stations in town to find out what all is needed to equip the truck before sending it to Mexico.

To learn more about the Kings Kid Orphanage, visit their website at www.kingskidsorphanage.com and see the children in action!  Their everyday needs are so important and in these economic times of “leanness” they often suffer at the basic level!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Holladay Rotary Picks Punk Pop

Here's an exciting Vocational Service project story submitted by Sue Vanderhoof of Holladay Rotary Club:

Weilenmann School of Discovery in Salt Lake City has a program which invites 6th, 7th &  8th graders to participate in an Entrepreneurial Business Venture by creating, marketing and selling handmade items at a school-sponsored “Market Day” held three times throughout the school year!  All prospective participants are required to submit an application and a business plan for review from which 15 student vendors are selected to “set up shop” and sell their products to the school community.   

When Holladay Rotary became aware of this program, members immediately recognized it as a wonderful vocational service opportunity for Rotarians to mentor young entrepreneurs.  Teresa Criscione, Market Day coordinator for the PTA, welcomed our involvement! 

Five Holladay Rotarians were involved with the first Market Day in September.  We met with each student vendor, evaluated their product for creativity, presentation, pricing & marketability, advertising & signage and asked each student questions about simple business concepts.  Overwhelmingly, we were impressed that at such a young age, these students had put so much thought into the development of their products and were so enthusiastic about answering our questions and learning from our input. It was a great experience and a great day! 

Rotary’s involvement in this program is still developing and we are excited to be able to share this vocational opportunity with the students at Weilenmann School of Discovery.          

Holladay Rotary’s choice and Weilenmann’s actual Entrepreneur of the Day was Punk Pop!   


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RYLA: Lifechanging for Youth and Rotary Leaders

2012 RYLA Chairman Shelly Dansie (Cedar City Rotary Club) reports:  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) was held this year September 19-22 at the beautiful Heber Valley Camp. We had around 130 participants and 40 staff attending the annual event. Rotary Clubs chose their participants from their local high schools. RYLA is open to sophomores and juniors. Many Rotary Clubs have functioning Interact Clubs and select the leadership from that club. RYLA is an unprecedented event in District 5420. It gives the students and the Team Leaders (Rotarians) an opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime. I recently received a thank you letter from one of the participants. He commented “RYLA was one of my most memorable and life changing experiences."
This year each of the clubs assisted with the transportation of the students. A big thank you to all who helped with this endeavor. This will help RYLA grow in the future. As the students arrived, the Alumni (past participants) involved the students in getting-to-know-you games and fun. On Thursday we had the opportunity to have several speakers. Jeff Dansie taught the students about how to listen for the principles they would be taught over the couple of days and how to incorporate them in their lives. Guest speaker, Sam Bracken, taught the students how to overcome difficulties and triumph. Larry Chatterton taught the students some amazing memory skills and communication skills.  Mike Wells (Youth Services Chairman) coordinated a cultural walk to help students understand even though they are each very unique, they also have many things in common. This is one of the most memorable events at RYLA. 
On Friday, we had the opportunity to listen to Amanda Dickson from KSL. She taught an impactful message about living in the moment and making the most of it. Our day was filled with team activities and several classes about Interact and Rotary. We taught the students how to start an Interact Club, conduct activities and retain their membership. RYLA is an important event for the students to get excited about Interact and making a difference in their community and the world.
Saturday, the final day concluded with the very popular speaker Chad Hymas. He gave us inspiration to make a difference in the world. Our days are long at RYLA, but on the final day no one wants to go home. 
As the 2012 RYLA Chairman, I am soliciting one member from each club to attend RYLA next year. We need your help in this important event and it will be an event you will cherish. RYLA 2013 will be held Sept. 11-14. We hope to see you there.