Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cedar City Sisters Experience Short Term Exchanges

Sisters Tenia Dansie Wallace and Chartise Dansie have both participated in different but lifechanging  Rotary Short Term Exchanges.  Tenia traveled halfway around the world from her home in Cedar City to Turkey for a short term exchange where she learned the culture is much different from hers at home but she also found common ground and acceptance as an American, particularly among the current generations of Turkish people.
Rotary helped Tenia and other Rotary exchange students understand we can live in peace when we begin to appreciate other cultures.  Her short term exchange helped build relationships.  She was not just a tourist visiting the country . . . she was part of a family including Gulsha, her Turkish sister who later traveled back to Utah on her own short term exchange.   Tenia expressed how exciting it was to introduce her exchange friend to Utah’s culture.   She introduced Gulsha to camping – and to S’Mores - for the first time.  It was 6 weeks of peace and understanding and many new experiences for both girls. 

Chartise Dansie experienced a different type of short term exchange.  She attended a “Rotary Camp” in Munich, Germany where their district youth meet students from around the world for three weeks together.  Each student who attends is placed in a Rotarian home where they learn about the German culture, up close and personal.  Germany is especially diligent in portraying a positive image since they have to deal with many prejudices as a result of their past history.  Rotary helps them break down the barriers.  Chartise and 15 other students from around the world took part in organized tours and activities demonstrating their lifestyle and culture.  The experience helped open her eyes about Germany, as well as other countries.  The “Rotary Camp” was sponsored by the generous districts in Germany so the Cedar City teenagers only cost for this amazing experience was for airfare and some spending money.  Instead of a graduation trip with her friends, she chose to go to Germany and experience the world and develop her independence.  

Short term exchanges offer many opportunities to students they would have otherwise thought impossible and through which they learn about culture, friendship, acceptance, peace and catch a glimpse of the purpose and impact of Rotary, Interact, RYLA and Rotaract.

Applications for short term exchanges in the summer of 2013 are now being accepted.  For more information, contact Shelly Dansie at shelly@decorworx.com in Southern Utah or Terri Sawyer at terrinicole@msn.com  in Northern Utah.  Applications and more details can be found at www.utahrotaryye.com  or on the district blog.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Springville Club #1 in Per Capita Foundation Giving

Last Wednesday Ray Crandall graciously accepted an award on behalf of the Springville Club for being number one in the district for per capita giving to the Rotary Foundation.
The award was presented by Assistant Governor Dean Robinson during the club's weekly meeting at the T-Bone restaurant in Springville.

A number of years ago the Springville Club set a goal to make every member a Paul Harris Fellow and has proudly maintained the goal since. Several members have also committed to higher levels of foundation giving. Continuing this tradition of giving, along with local and international service is the ongoing mission of the Springville Club.

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