Monday, April 16, 2012

SE District Assembly was a HUGE success!

What a great District Assembly we had in Moab last Saturday! Thank you to Rotarians from the Blanding, East Carbon, Monticello and Moab clubs who attended. We appreciate all the help Tara Richardson, PE Moab, gave us with the school district arrangements and coffee, and the generosity of our home hosts too. Oh, we also thank the local icon Milt's Stop & Eat for feeding us the best buffalo burgers, fries and shakes we have had in a long time (had to stock up before the drive home). Pic is of DGE Jerry Summerhays and the training committee touring Moab from inside the District Rotarymobile. On to St. George next Saturday.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great opportunity to visit Cuba with Hispano-Latinos SLC Rotary Club

Dec 3-12, 2012  - Join the Hispano-Latinos Rotary Club for a humanitarian and cultural trip to Cuba. Yes, Cuba! This is the 2nd trip we have organized and it will an incredible experience. 

Highlights - Rotary club meeting (first Latino Rotary club); tour of Old Havana; enjoy local music, food, and culture; travel to and stay in several cities; and deliver humanitarian aid to the ISA School of Arts, a local health center, Abel Santamaria School for the Blind, and an orphanage.

Rotarians, family, and friends are invited. $2,850 per person includes hotels, meals, airfare RT Miami/ Havana, transportation, etc. You will need to purchase airfare to Miami RT separately.

For more information and to get on the mailing list, please send an email to . Check back for pictures of the sights you will see and people you will meet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

District Conference will be a unique experience this year!

Hello Utah Rotarians,

The 2012 Utah Rotary District Conference will be held June 1 & 2 at Zermatt Resort in Midway

Early registration deadline is May 1, 2012, prior to this date the registration fee is $175.00.  After May 1 the registration fee will be $200.00.  Check it  out @ registration, lodging and schedule details can be found on the website.  This event will be a unique experience in District Conference history, we look forward to seeing you there!

The 2012 District Conference Committee is now accepting reservations for the House of Friendship at Zermatt Resort. If you are interested in have a display booth at the 2012 Conference to promote your Club’s events please contact: Sergeant of Arms: George Bennett 435.657.1354 (work)

Please remember to send a representative with your Club Banner to the 2012 District Conference!

If you are interested in advertising in the 2012 District Conference program, NOW is the time to act.
Go to and click on the Advertise link on the web page. Hundreds of Utah Rotarians will be reading the program, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The Conference website is now available for online registration. Please go to to register online for the 2012 District 5420 Conference.

You can register using a credit card or PayPal or you can download a registration form and send it and a check by mail.

Come Join Us for a unique Conference experience as we celebrate Rotary!

Monday, April 9, 2012

PDG Eldon McArthur Passed Away

On April 6, 2012, members of the Rotary Club of St. George bid farewell to a dear friend and sterling example as Eldon McArthur, age 91, passed away at home from causes incident to age. It will be noted that Eldon lived life fully to the very end. He had attended the club's meeting just 4 days earlier, regaling club members with tales from his varied experiences and participating in the day’s tour of the Dinosaur Museum. No one could suspect that this would be the last meeting of the club we would be privileged to enjoy with Eldon.
Ask members what they remember of Eldon, and the responses will be as varied as the experiences of this giant among men that lived in humble service to all he could touch. He was known not just in the community, but around the world for his love and kindness and his generosity. Each Saturday, he baked bread and delivered it to neighbors and friends, annually to guests in the VIP tent at the St. George Marathon, and to others. A favorite horseplay auction was when Eldon offered a loaf or three of bread at club meetings. He was as generous with the pomegranates that grew in his yard, making sure anyone he knew would have sufficient for their Dixie salad.
Eldon served as the horseplay religious advisor, fining members for mentioning religion during the weekly horseplay. Of course, what constituted a religious mention was sometimes as simple as saying “offer” or “son.” Getting “caught” for violating the “ban” was a source of great humor for the club members. Sometimes, the fun was instituted by the members themselves who went to great pains to contort their stories to avoid  Eldon calling out that what had been said “had something to do with religion.” Of course the BYU and Utah rivalry almost always had something to do with religion!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Want a dynamic way to share news, info, photos for your club? Get a blog!

A few words of advice on blogs:
The key to blogs, as the key to everything you are creating electronically, is to be brave, click around, experiment, preview, and don’t get frustrated! Ask someone under 30 to help you if you are struggling. If they don’t know how to blog, they do know how to figure it out! Basically, because they are brave and don’t let the software frustrate them.

Many thanks to Kim Watkin, District Technology Chair, for developing a video on blogging basics.
Click here to view.

Blogging 101:

1.      I like Go there and indicate that you would like to start a new blog.

2.      You will probably have to create a user name and password (unless you already have a blog or are following a blog)

·        Once you create these, you will not have to sign in from the computer you normally use.

3.      Select a name for your blog. The easiest thing to select is (for example) rotaryclubofblanding See if it is available. Or blandingutahrotary, etc…

4.      Once your blog is created, pick a template for it. You can experiment, but Simple Blog templates, are just that: simple!

·        In the layout function you can upload photos, type in text, add ‘gadgets’ to your layout. You really have to just click around to explore and investigate.

·        Photos, text boxes, page view gadget, are the basics. You can add as many photos and text boxes as you want to your layout. Upload great photos of club activities. Use text boxes for Upcoming Event, club officers and contacts, anything that is pretty much ‘static’ info.

·        You can always change the text in the boxes by going to Design (upper right of the blog online), Layout, and then editing.

·        Remember to always Save, or Save Arrangement, if you add new photos or text boxes to the Layout.

·        Use the Preview function to see what things look like on your blog before Publishing or Updating.

5.      To add a new Post, click New Post. Always type in a headline that is interesting and eye-catching.

·        You can type in your blog directly, or write your blog post in a Word document, Select All, Copy, and then Paste it into your new blog post.

·        Add photos by using the little photo icon at the top of a new blog post in the edit mode. You can upload any photo from your computer.

o   Edit it in advance if necessary.

o   Once the photo is uploaded, insert it, and then you will see options to make the photo small, medium, large, and to place it left, right, center. You can also click on the photo and move it around the text if you want.

·        Always use the Preview function before Publishing.

6.      Update your blog ‘static’ info regularly (only the person who created the blog can do this), and have everyone in your club contribute blog posts.

·        In the Settings menu (after you click Design), you can add authors by pasting in people’s email, with commas in between.

7.      Be sure to let club members know when there is a new post by email or by Sharing on your Facebook page.

·        To share on Facebook, be sure you are logged on to Facebook as your club. Open a new browser, go to your blog, click the title of a post. At the top of the page you will see a Share button. Click it and it will prompt you to write some text to share the post on your Facebook Timeline.