Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ready for a fabulous humanitarian service trip?

Imagine yourself traveling to a place that few people get to visit. An island where it is sunny, the people are friendly, and the culture is vibrant. Off limits for most people but now available to you.

Join the Hispano Latinos Rotary Club of Salt Lake on their second humanitarian service to Cuba. If you cannot attend, please see below for other ways you can support this project. 

The trip is from Mon Dec 3 – Wed Dec 12, 2012. The itinerary includes nice hotels, humanitarian service to numerous organizations, cultural activities, and wonderful meals all with a group of very fun Rotarians from District 5420.

Price per person -  $2,850.00 and includes all transportation, meals and activities noted on the itinerary except airfare R/T and hotel in Miami. 

Initial deposit of $500 is due July 2, 2012. 

Travel Details:
·        Group travel from Miami, FL will leave for Havana, Cuba, on Dec. 3, 2012 at 8:30 am. Travelers must be at the airport no later than 6:00 am for check-in and to receive documentation for Cuba.  You will receive a special visa from Marimar Travel Agency at the airport.  We suggest travel to Miami the day before – on your own. 
·        WHY you will be able to travel legally to Cuba. The U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control  (OFAC) regulates travel to Cuba and has authorized a few Travel Agencies to assist travelers under certain specifications to travel to Cuba.  Marimar Travel Agency has been authorized by the government for this service.  You will be allowed to travel to Cuba under the category of:  Humanitarian project and support of the Cuban people.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call 305-810-5140.   
·        Baggage: authorized travelers to Cuba are limited to 44 lbs of accompanied baggage per traveler. 
·        What you can bring back from Cuba:  Goods or services of Cuban origin may not be imported into the US either directly or through third countries such as Canada or Mexico.  The only exceptions are publications, artwork, or other informational materials.  NO cigars!
Donations needed:
·         Art supplies
·         Supplies for the blind
·         Supplies for the nursing home
·         Wheelchairs
·         New toys
·         $ to purchase needed items

For more information and receive the itinerary, please contact Alicia Gomez. Check the blog again soon for more details!

Alicia Gomez
President 2011-2012
(801)867 9339

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Successful Service Project in Mexico Sponsored by the Murray and Bountiful Rotary Clubs

There were 44 Rotarians, family and friends that participated in this year’s Mexico Service Project, April 21-28.  We had Rotarians from Murray, Bountiful and Sugarhouse Clubs volunteer their time.   The Playa Club sent a translator and Doctor to help us with our project.
Eye exam with Sugarhouse Rotarian Dr. Wright and Playa doctor
The motto of Murray Rotary Club is "fun with a purpose" and we did just that:  had lots of fun in Mexico.   Jim Charnholm, Murray Rotary Club, put countless hours in making this project a success, we couldn't have done it without him.  Monies for this project were donated from the Bountiful Rotary Club and Murray Rotary Club.   Here is a summary as to what has already been accomplished in the village (pueblo) of "Vida y Esperanza" (which means Life and Hope)  and what we did  there. 
Here is a link if you want to see where "Vida y Esperanza" is located:  

Newly stuccoed old school

New school

The school that the Murray Rotary helped build in 2010,  has now been stuccoed and painted inside and out.  A new solar system is complete which furnishes power to the school for lights, computers and  flushing toilets.  Many truckloads of fill material have been put on the playground area.  We purchased basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and footballs.  A new volleyball net, ball bags and ball pumps have been purchased as well as a new basketball ring for the existing pole.  Volleyball poles have been installed. A new metal roof on the school will be installed soon.  The government has built a second school.
New solar system

DIF mobile medical/dental van
Dr Baird, Bountiful Club
Jim Charnholm and Ron Jensen giving reading glasses
Two doctors, Jeff Barton, from Murray Rotary Club and Larry Wright from the Sugarhouse Rotary Club and two dentists, Anthony Baird, from the Bountiful Rotary Club and DG Elect, Jerry Summerhays, from the Murray Rotary Club provided medical and dental check ups at the school for the students, teachers and villagers.  Over 40 impacted teeth were pulled by the dentists!!  Prior to our trip, we purchased and had been given medical and dental supplies that we used for the service project.  The remainder of the supplies were left for the mobile medical/dental clinic.  Nancy Pickett, RN from Murray Rotary Club and Jerry Summerhays taught hygiene for the students.  We had two boy scouts with us that contributed to the school through their Eagle Scout Project.  Riley Bain put hygiene kits together that he distributed to the students after the hygiene class.  And Kennedy Christenson distributed backpacks filled with school supplies.  It was very moving to see and experience this with the Scouts.