Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Japan Friendship Exchange March 9-18, 2019

Join Gov. Scott Leckman, PDG Dean & Marlys Jackson to Japan in March 2019.

$4,950 per person* 15 people Max.
Cost per person includes hotels, in country transportation, tour admissions, breakfasts
and limited meals
Flight to and from Japan is an additional cost.

Please note that we will fly into Narita Airport on March 10th which means you will fly
out of Salt Lake City on March 9th. We will then fly out of Osaka Kansai Airport on
March 18th.

3/9 Sat: From Salt Lake City to Japan.
3/10 Sun: Arrived, gathered at a hotel in Narita.
3/11 Mon:  Tour Narita Temple and Big Buddha.
Exchange meeting with the 2820 district. (Ibaraki Prefecture)
3/12 Tues: Sightseeing Aizuwakamatsu.
Exchange meeting with Yonezawa club.
3/13 Wed: Meeting of Sagae Club. (Suzuki Governor's club)
Sightseeing in Shogi and brewery in Tendo.
Exchange meeting with Sagae and Tendo Club members.
3/14 Thurs:
AM : From Yamagata to Osaka. (Flight)
PM : To sightseeing in Nara.
3/15 Fri: To sightseeing in Kyoto.
3/16 Sat
AM : To Sagano and Arashiyama sightseeing.
PM : From Kyoto to Osaka.
3/17 Sun
AM : Tour of Osaka Castle.
PM : Sumo Tournament
3/18 Mon: From Osaka to Salt Lake City, arrived, to your home.

For Further Information:
Contact PDG Dean L. Jackson 801-318-6741

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