Monday, February 13, 2012

District Leadership Meeting: Assistant Governors & District Committee Chairs Receive Training

District Governor Elect (DGE) Jerry Summerhays and DG Nominee Steve Skinner (speaking in photo right) shared the plans for the upcoming year with 24 AGs and District Committee Chairs.
DGE Jerry announced that “Peace Through Service” will be Rotary International President Elect Sakuji Tanaka’s theme starting next July.  “Clubs Rule In Increasing Rotary Service” will be the district’s theme.

We are increasing from 10 to 14 AGs next year, to help our 47 clubs better.
This last year District Governor (DG) Rick Cambra added Public Relations and Membership Committees.  DGE Jerry and DG Nominee Steve have recently organized the District Training, Technology, Service, Peace, and Extension Committees.  These are all standing committees which will continue from year to year.

DGE Jerry (speaking in photo right) announced that the Sorenson Legacy Foundation has given our Rotary District a $65,000 Trails, Streams and Parks Grant.  The Service Committee will allocate this money to the clubs, with the smaller clubs getting $1,000 each and the larger clubs getting more, with the Salt Lake Club allocated $6,000.  We hope to do a million dollars of good, because clubs will seek outside money and partnerships to do larger projects.

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